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Private Tutoring

1 to 1 session held for 30 mins to 60 minutes. Catering for all learning needs including a wide variety of curriculum support. 


Throughout the year, workshops in many different topics for students, parents, children and adults are available. Please check our event page for more information. 

Specialist Support

Specialist Support tailored sessions in Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, High Functioning Autism, ADHD. 

Computer courses & Digital Media Courses. 

ICDL Teacher Trained with over 10 years experience in the IT Field.  One to One private teachings are available. Alternative computer courses are available throughout the year. Please check our event page for more information.


What Our Clients Say

Viv- Parent Wexford

Since Claude began sessions with Alyssa, he never complains about having to attend. Claude speaks so highly of these sessions and Alyssa. You are a wonderful tutor. I really cannot recommend Alyssa highly enough for all she does
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