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Wise Owl Learning offers a range of services to assist learners with this learning needs and challenges.


For more information on our services or to book your place for a screening or learning support please fill out the details below or 

Dyslexia Screening 

Dyslexia Screening

Screening tests are used to give an indication of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and can help identify the likelihood of them having a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia.


Screening does not provide a diagnosis (for which a full diagnostic assessment would be required) with a Educational Psychologist who conducts a full assessment.


Screenings offers an accessible way of determining that a child or adult may need additional support.

Screening tests for children

Through NEPS – National Educational Psychology Service, schools can offer a limited number of free assessments each year through NEPS. Because of the limited number of free assessments only the children with the most severe problems are assessed.

Children in Ireland are not routinely screened in school for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, but many schools use screening tests to guide the development of school support for children who are experiencing literacy difficulties.

Screening tests can help to identify those who may need intervention or support or may benefit from a full diagnostic assessment.

Many of the screening tests available for children must be used by qualified specialists who can accurately interpret the results. Others can be used by suitably trained teachers, teaching assistants and learning support assistants.


This screening test gives a detailed and specific profile of your child's strengths and difficulties and can be used to inform teaching interventions. It provides an indication if your child is likely to be at risk of having dyslexia and can be the first stepping stone for parents who are uncertain about their child's strengths and difficulties.

Testing includes: single word reading, oral reading fluency, comprehension and phonic decoding; spelling and writing, phonological awareness, processing speed and working memory.

The report is available within 10 days.

The fee includes pre-testing and post- testing consultations with parent/caregiver.


The consultation  will include how to interpret findings and analyse results and  discuss what steps to take next.

Screening tests for adults

Screening tests cannot be used to apply for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). A full diagnostic assessment from a suitably qualified assessor will be needed.

Screening tests cannot usually be used for exam access arrangements in professional exams. Professional bodies have their own rules and criteria for exam access arrangements, these are often published on their websites.


Detailed Literacy Report:

This  detailed assessment focusing on  literacy.


Tests include: single word, oral reading fluency, comprehension, phonics and blending, single word spelling, free writing and writing dictation.

The report is available within 10 days.

The fee includes before/after consultations with parent/caregiver.



Our private consultations are designed to meet your specific needs. They may vary from an initial consultation prior to screenings and specialist tuition or an independent consultation to provide expert advice and address your concerns. Because dyslexia is a lifelong difficulty, it is crucial to determine the correct course of action to take that is specific to your child’s needs.

Pre-Tuition Consultation And Assessment 

 During this consultation,

  • We gather a detailed over-view of the learner e.g. background and developmental history, learners’ strengths and difficulties, prior-testing reports and samples if required.

  • Look at previous reports and findings in order to plan the intervention programme.

  • Complete a teaching assessment using a range of standardized and informal tests so that I can plan an individualized multi-sensory programme.

  • Discuss strategies and approaches, type of tutoring needed and how to support your child at home.

Following the pre-teaching assessment and parent consultation, you will be provided with a report containing the findings, recommendations, strategies and targets for the teaching programme.

General Information Consultations

If you wish to have an independent consultation about your child’s dyslexia and explore ways to help, this includes:

  • Interpreting data and terminology from previous reports and findings.

  • Information regarding strategies or resources to use at home.

  • How to explain dyslexia to your child.

  • To address any concerns or issues that you may have regarding your child’s dyslexia.

Consultations are charged per hour.


Hourly fee is available on request.

Option to have consultation via zoom/phone call. 



Following consultation and screening, we determine the most appropriate literacy intervention. This will be highly individualized and appropriate to the learners learning needs.

Based on research and evidence-based practices, dyslexia tutoring uses structured, cumulative and multi-sensory teaching.


The lessons are based on ‘conquering literacy’ which is widely used by specialist dyslexia tuition. However, due to the varying nature of diverse difficulties a learner with dyslexia will present with, and given the fact that every learner is unique and has a specific profile, we will use a combination of  appropriate strategies and interventions.

The learner will practice a wide range of skills that include:

  • Alphabet arc activities

  • Visual and auditory memory training

  • Letter sound knowledge

  • Blending and reading words

  • Comprehension strategies

  • Spelling, handwriting and letter formation

  • Dictation and punctuation.

Wise Owl Learning ensures a warm and welcoming approach with a range of interactive games and resources which create a friendly and interactive environment for learners.


Dyslexia Learning Programme

Our Dyslexia Learning Programme involves the following:

  • A 12 week individualized and intensive programme which focuses on a specific aspect of learning e.g. phonics, reading fluency and vocabulary.

  • It will be designed to suit the learners specific strengths and difficulties.

  • Specific resources and strategies are used  to help the learner such as manipulatives, games, websites and apps.

  • A Learning Programme Plan will be designed with individualised targets and strategies.

Prior to the commencement of tuition, a pre-tuition dyslexia consultation and detailed assessment will be charged at an additional fee.


Tailored Learning

  • One-hour slots of tailored learning with an additional five minutes verbal feedback with parents at the end of the session.

  • Lessons are planned according to the learners specific cognitive profile and learning preferences/styles.

  • A variety of methods are used during sessions tailored to your child’s learning style.

  • A variety of suitable resources are selected to ensure that the sessions are productive, beneficial, varied and fun.

  • Follow-up activity during the week to ensure consistency.

  • Where previous reports are made available, the recommendations are taken into consideration and impacted into the practice.

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