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Our Story

It's important to find an environment that will help nurture your growth, development, and set the stage for future learning.

Wise Owl Learning is a virtual learning environment catering for a wide variety of learning disabilities. Along with this, we also provide computer classes and course along with workshops in a wide selection of courses. 


Here at Wise Owl Learning we don't view learning disabilities as a disability but instead we view them as learning challenges. For many reasons we have chosen to do this but our number one reason is so each student coming to us is not viewed as their disability. Instead we are the support structure around these students to support and nurture their own personal growth and journey in their own learning adventure. 


Wise Owl Learning is a County Wexford based business developed by entrepreneur Alyssa Hanbidge, offering tutoring services to children and adults with learning difficulties.


 As an online platform, Alyssa’s company was gratefully received from the

moment she established the business in 2020 and due to the requirements

of the pandemic, Wise Owl Learning has become an essential service for

all those who have enrolled since. 


The Learning Specialist Tutor works with students across a range of needs,

from dyslexia to dyscalculia and more. While also teaching IT skills to

children and adults specially designed courses in a constantly developing

and changing field.

Wise Owl Learning was awarded Specialist Tutoring Service of the Year

2021/22 and  Special Tutor of the Year 22/23 in the Republic of Ireland

Prestige Awards. 


We are incredibly honored and delighted to have been nominated in such a

strong category. To be the overall winner was a joyous occasion. 


A short extract from the Prestige Award Judges:


"The judges were particularly impressed by the inclusive and personalised

approach adopted by Alyssa, who works hard to develop a programme of

studies that is unique for every student. Why is our learning is all about

providing a supportive and confidential service which takes away the need

for students to adapt to previously accepted schemes of work at resources.

Instead, Alyssa acknowledges her students disabilities and creates a l

earning programme based upon their specific learning needs.

As her business continues to expand, Alyssa hopes to launch an online

training Academy in IT over the next year, while seeking to help more

students with a wider range of complex learning disabilities."

Prestige Award


I am a highly qualified in the area of Special Education and offer a diverse range of expertise. Holding a first-class honors degree in learning and development from University College Cork, specializing in areas such as Dyslexia, ASD, ABA, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. Additionally, I hold a DipHE Cert in Education and Special Education, demonstrating my commitment to specialized teaching methods.

As a member of various professional associations including the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, British Dyslexia Association, and Patoss, I stays up to date with the latest developments and best practices in this field.


As a Mindfulness and Breath work Practitioner, my holistic approach to teaching becomes evident in my dedication to fostering comprehensive learning experiences for all our students.

My contributions extend beyond a teaching role, as Wise Owl Learning and myself have won multiple awards from the Prestige Awards for Specialist Tutoring Services.


Furthermore, I have a diverse skill set, including diplomas in Legal Studies and Computer Science. 

I also serves as a CPD Group Provider, offering Continuing Professional Development courses to further support educators in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Contact Us


The Olive Room, The Avenuem Gorey, Co Wexford


086 0572363

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Thurs

10.00am - 18.00pm 

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10:00am -4.00pm

​Sunday/ Bank Holidays


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